Capital Credit Refund Bill Credits

Capital credits can be applied to your bill

If you purchased electricity from WH, you will receive a capital credit refund check in December. WH has been returning capital credits to you – our members – for 43 consecutive years as of December 2023.

Currently, any members who have a refund of $10.00 or more will receive a check. Anyone with a refund of $9.99 and under will receive a bill credit. 

Some members prefer to have their refund directly applied to their invoice instead of sending a check. WH takes pride in providing options for our members when possible. We are pleased to announce that if you would prefer to receive your capital credit refund on your invoice, you may fill out the form below to have that preference applied to your account. Registration must be completed by November 17 prior to the December payout.

Contact a member services representative at (763) 477-3000 with questions about capital credits.

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