Security Deposit

Wright-Hennepin and new commercial customer finalizing business relationship

New commercial members are subject to a security deposit when opening an account with Wright-Hennepin. The deposit is based on two times the monthly electric use and will be assessed upon connection of electric service.

To avoid a security deposit fee, new commercial members can enroll in EZ Pay. Wright-Hennepin's EZ Pay program will automatically draft the amount due from a checking account or credit card account each month.

Existing commercial members may be subject to a security deposit if:

  • Payment has been declined or returned for non-sufficient funds
  • Electric service has been interfered with by the member
  • Electric service has been disconnected for non-payment
  • Bankruptcy has been filed

If a member leaves Wright-Hennepin's electric service territory, the security deposit plus interest will be applied to the final bill*. If you have any questions, please call your account representative at (763) 477-3000.

*Interest is applied to the invoice annually based on Minnesota State Statute.