View of town with trees near the powerlines

Trimming Trees for Reliability

Trees touching power lines can cause momentary or extended power outages. Wright-Hennepin prevents these outages with right of way tree trimming.

Wright-Hennepin prevents momentary outages from happening by trying to maintain a clearance of 15 feet on all sides of its power lines. This tree trimming takes place year-round throughout the service territory. As always, Wright-Hennepin does its best to inform you before crews trim trees in your area.

Wright-Hennepin asks that all members monitor the trees on their property and notify the cooperative if there are trees touching power lines, or you are concerned about your trees growing into the power lines. If you've noticed one or more of these scenarios, please fill out this online form.

Note: Wright-Hennepin is responsible for getting electricity to your meter. However, the mast on the house (the pipe in which the wires run down to the meter) is your responsibility. If a tree damages the mast, an electrician will need to make repairs at your home.

Tree trimming crew

Tree Trimming

Trimming trees near power lines can be a dangerous job. Make sure that it is done by a professional. Wright-Hennepin has tree trimming services that can take care of tree limbs near lines.