Wright-Hennepin's Annual Meeting

Wright-Hennepin’s (WH) 2018 Annual Meeting was the 81st in the history of the cooperative! On April 19, 2018, WH hosted more than 2,385 members and guests at its Rockford headquarters. The event featured a complimentary pork chop dinner. Doors opened at 4 p.m., with a total of 2,385 meals served from 4:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. The business meeting took place from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

2018 Annual Meeting Recap

All members were invited to attend Wright-Hennepin’s 81st Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 19. The cooperative shared information on how the cooperative preformed in 2017 along with six ways Wright-Hennepin provides Value You Can Count On. Members were able to elect a nominated director candidate for their Districts: 1, 3 and 9. Incumbents Timothy Young, District 1; Burton Horsch, District 3; and Erick Heinz, District 9, were all re-elected to Wright-Hennepin's Board of Directors.

There was a free pork chop dinner, bingo and informational booths with door prizes before the business meeting commenced. The children’s room was open and supervised throughout the entire event. The children’s room featured great prizes.

During the business meeting, members heard from CFO Angie Pribyl, WH Holding Company Board Chair Timothy Young, COO Wendy Youngren and President and CEO Tim Sullivan. The winner of the grand prize was announced at the end of the business meeting.

As is tradition, members were given a free pound of butter for attending the business meeting.

Missed the meeting? Watch the CEO's speech on our YouTube channel.

List of prize winners

The event featured many booths and prize drawings for WH members. Below is the full list of prize winners.

Prize Winner City
Ninja Coffee Bar David Hallquist Rockford
Echo Jon Chrest Cokato
Instant Pot William Tuffs Buffalo
Tower Fan William Webber Rockford
Trimmer/Edger Allen Claessens Buffalo
Beverage Fridge Dennis Stieg Corcoran
Shop Vac Clarice Dubay Corcoran
Apple Tree Savanna Nelson Buffalo
Apple Tree Barbara Wikman Cokato
Apple Tree Larry Howe Howard Lake
Cordless Vac Janet Lyrek Cokato
Food Saver Larry Hanson Maple Grove
Convection Oven Barb Reiners Clearwater
32" LED TV Kristopher Kramer Maple Lake
Cordless Drill Angeline Linquist Corcoran
JBL Flip 4 portable speaker Beverly Palmer Loretto
Pressure Washer Roger Keskey Cokato
iPad Mini - Early Bird Prize Stephanie Allen Maple Grove

Grand Prize

Amanda Burlingame of Buffalo won the grand prize, a dark gray 2006 Chevy Impala.