MyMeter part 2: Applications

Learn how to apply the information within MyMeter to your daily life to save money and energy!

Posted by Grant Bowman on September 24, 2018

In MyMeter part 1, I discussed different features that MyMeter has to offer. In this part, I’m going to discuss how to apply the data you learned about into actions that can save you money and energy.

When I go into MyMeter, I look for patterns and changes in those patterns on a member’s chart and data. Below are examples of situations I encounter on MyMeter and how I handle them.

  • If the average temperature is increasing and the kWh is increasing, then I investigate the air conditioner.
  • If the daily kWh averaged 25 kWh for 30 days then jumped to 50 kWh for five days, I might ask if the member had visitors or if an electric heater was turned on in a room during a cold spell.
  • If the kWh usage drops for seven days, I ask if the member was gone during that time. (Note: Unoccupied periods show the amount of base kWh your home uses.)

Recently, I helped a member who’s normal daily usage is around 10 kWh. However, one day it jumped to 20 kWh and stayed there for two months. We tested and found that their well was cycling on for 30 seconds and off for 50 seconds due to a bad check valve at the base of the well. Once it was fixed, the daily usage went back to 10 kWh. Unfortunately, it took two months of higher bills to figure out there was an issue. If they had utilized MyMeter to check on the daily use once they thought there was a problem, it may have been fixed sooner.

The red line shows what the member's typical daily kWh usage was and the two months it had doubled.

I encourage you to make small changes and adjustments and see how they impact your daily usage. One change you could make is turning off your dehumidifier for a week, then turning it back on. Use MyMeter to note any changes in kWh usage before, during and after. Small experiments like this will give you the power to determine for yourself what is causing your energy usage to increase or decrease.

MyMeter is an amazing free tool to have at your disposal. With a little time and experimentation, MyMeter will become a great tool to help you diagnose problems on your own and learn how you can save money and conserve energy.

Learn how to use MyMeter with these helpful videos!

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