WH Appliance Repair

WH Appliance Repair with wrench

Now you have a choice in home appliance coverage!

WH Appliance Repair plans are available to everyone in our service territory and will help you and your family with unexpected repairs. Your plan will cover labor by a highly trained technician who will perform repairs covered under the plan.*

WH Appliance Repair Choice
Choose 5 appliances for $20.75 per month.

WH Appliance Repair Choice Plus
Choose 8 appliances for $36.75 per month.

*Restrictions apply, see Terms and Conditions.

Available appliances

Optional coverage

If you'd like to include coverage for additional appliances, they can be added to your appliance repair plan for only $6.25 each.

Annual preventative maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance is available to help your heating and cooling system run efficiently.

Annual preventative maintenance can be added to an air conditioner, an air source heat pump, or a gas or electric furnace for only $10.00 per month.

Terms and conditions

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Need to replace an appliance?

If the cost to repair your appliance exceeds its repaired value, you can receive a rebate of up to 10% toward the purchase of a new appliance.

Installation, tax, and delivery costs are not included. The appliance must be on the repair plan to apply for rebates.