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Wright-Hennepin (WH) offers several options for members to save money through Energy-Saving programs (ESPs).

Posted by Jeph Novak on November 20, 2020

Wright-Hennepin (WH) offers several options for members to save money through Energy-Saving programs (ESPs). WH offers four ESPs: Air conditioning, heating, water heating and electric vehicle charging. These programs remain a good value for members to save on their bills by limiting their electricity use.

Dual Fuel (Heating) Program

WH’s Dual Fuel and Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating programs help members save money on home heating bills. WH also provides a rebate for an ETS system and Dual Fuel for up to $250.

During times of peak demand, your electric heating system may be shut off while backup heating systems are used. To qualify for the Dual Fuel program, you must have one of the following primary heat sources:

  • Electric boiler
  • Electric furnace
  • Baseboard heat
  • Plenum heater
  • Wall or ceiling heater
  • Electric floor heat

With ETS, the charging time is eight hours per night, between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., and you do not need a backup heating source.

Note: All electric heating in the home MUST be a part of the Dual Fuel program to qualify for the ESP rates.

Water Heating:
Members have the choice of two water heating programs with WH: the Quick Cash Water Heating program and the Metered Water Heating program. Both programs are designed to reduce the amount you pay to heat your water by limiting the time your water heater can recharge. The programs also require a minimum of a 100-gallon water heater with mixing valve. For more details, visit our website.

Electric Vehicle charging       

For members with an electric vehicle (EV), WH offers two ESPs for discounted charging rates: purchasing a ZEFNET charging station or bringing your own charging station.

Purchase a ZEFNET charging station at the Energy Wise MN Store:

Selecting a high-quality electric-vehicle charger that meets your needs has never been easier! WH has partnered with Energy Wise MN to take the guesswork out of purchasing an EV charger. We’ve narrowed it down to our top three models, and we’ll help you find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

If you are purchasing a different Wall mount level 2 charging station, you can choose to participate in one of WH’s two charging options. The Energy-Saving Program meter and receiver equipment will need to be located outside the home for both options. The programs are designed to reduce the rate of charging your EV by limiting the times you can use the charging station.

Quick Cash Air Conditioning Program

Summer is when many Minnesotans use the most electricity. By participating in the Quick Cash program, you can help conserve energy during the highest demand days. Members allow WH to cycle their air conditioners on and off for 15-minute intervals during times of high energy demand. During peak times, a signal is sent to a receiver connected to your home. This enables the system to cycle your air conditioner “on” and “off” in intervals of approximately 15-minutes. Doing so helps WH to reduce our overall energy demand and save money on wholesale power costs.

In return, you receive a $5 credit for each month from June - September. Members need to have ESP receiver equipment installed outside the home to sign up for this program. Note: In order to qualify for this program, you must be enrolled in at least one other ESP.

Interested in signing up for an ESP with WH? Head to our website or call us at (763) 477-3000 to learn more.

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