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CEO blog: Could The Next Steve Jobs Come From WH's Service Territory?

October 27, 2011, Mark Vogt

On the heels of my last blog about the great electrical inventor Thomas Edison, came word that Apple Founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away. As an uber-fan of Apple products, my attention zoned in on every Jobs’ story that ran in the days that followed his death.

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Save Money by Maintaining Your Mechanical Ventilation System

October 24, 2011, Mike Hofmann

Fall is a great time of year to check your mechanical ventilation system. Keeping these systems well maintained is a simple, cost effective way to save you money on your winter energy bills.

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Board blog: Why is my power company a cooperative?

October 17, 2011,

Seventy-five years ago, if you lived in a city or small town, chances are your home had electric power. That meant you could have a refrigerator, electric lights and indoor plumbing

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Top 10 tips learned from energy-saving contest

October 6, 2011, Phil Glawe

What would you do with an extra $1,200? That is what one family calculated their electric bill savings to be over a four-month period of actively conserving energy. This family also won Wright-Hennepin’s 2011 “Littlest User” energy-saving contest.

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CEO blog: In the Spirit of Edison, WH and its Members are Part of Ground Breaking Technology, Innovation

October 5, 2011, Mark Vogt

As we get ready for WH’s 75th anniversary next year, I can’t help but think of Thomas Edison from time to time – how his pioneering ideas quite literally changed the world and ultimately how his inventions made WH possible. I think, too, about how important it is that we keep the spirit of Edison alive.

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Wright-Hennepin’s new energy saving information blog

September 29, 2011, Phil Glawe

At Wright-Hennepin, we do regular member surveys to help us provide our members with relevant information. Based on the results of these surveys, you have told us time and time again that you’d like to hear more energy-saving tips that will help reduce energy use in your homes and reduce your electric bills. This blog is meant to help meet that objective.

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CEO blog: You can teach an old CEO new tricks

September 28, 2011, Mark Vogt

I started my career with WH 31 years ago this week. So much has changed over the past three decades; it’s a constant challenge to stay ahead of it all – especially the technology. On my first day here, I was assigned a manual typewriter and a stack of five-part carbon paper to write and edit WH’s newsletter and other public communications.

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