If you are experiencing an outage,
call (763) 477-3100 (local), (888) 399-1845, or report it online.

Power Outage Center

Wright-Hennepin has a strong reliability record. However, there are many reasons why even the best utilities experience outages. Storms producing fallen trees on overhead lines, vehicle accidents and squirrels pose the most common challenges.

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View the Outage Map

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Tips for Power Outages

  • Check your breaker panels and fuses first. If you still have power in part of your home, check the individual breakers or fuses in the panel.
  • If your power blinks a couple times but comes back on, you don't have to contact us. On the other hand, if you notice blinks over the course of several days, let us know. Check out the November 2010 Hotline Update for reasons why this happens.
Check out this list of items to keep on hand in case you experience a power outage.