Our Vision 

To benefit our members, Wright-Hennepin and its diversified business will outperform our competitors and achieve top 10 percent results in satisfaction, financial management, safety and reliability by 2020.

Our Mission

We deliver the power, products and competitive pricing essential for improving the quality of life of the members and communities we serve. 

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About Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association is a member-owned, non-profit electric utility founded in 1937. Headquartered in Rockford, Minn., Wright-Hennepin is one of the state’s largest member-owned electric utilities and distributes electricity to more than 46,000 homes, businesses and farms.

What does it mean to be a member-owner?

Being a member-owner of Wright-Hennepin distinguishes you from other electric utility customers in a number of ways:

  • Your voice is heard. You have an input regarding setting policy through a nine-member board elected by you and other Wright-Hennepin members in the local area. Board members serve three-year terms and elections are held at an Annual Meeting each spring.
  • You share in the “profits” of the cooperative. Since we are a cooperative, any excess margins are returned to our member-owners in the form of capital credits. Wright-Hennepin has returned more than $30 million in capital credits over the years.

Guiding principles of your cooperative

The core focus of Wright-Hennepin is to provide you with competitive electric rates, reliable and safe power, and outstanding customer service.

Wright-Hennepin celebrated it's 75th Anniversary on March 27, 2012. A history video was produced to commemorate the event. Clips of the video can be found here. If you'd like your own copy, contact customer service at (763) 477-3000 to order one.

Wright-Hennepin’s subsidiary businesses

WH Holding Purpose: 
WH Holding exists as an independent business structure that offers innovative and competitive products and services; it was created to manage risk, optimize resources, increase strategic energy sales, deliver complementary benefits and generate profits to offset the retail price of electricity for WH members.

WH Security

To enhance the lives of our membership, Wright-Hennepin started a home security company in 1989 called WH Security. WH Security provides homes and businesses in the Twin Cities area with home alarm systems and monitoring.


HeatMyFloors.com provides electric underfloor heating solutions to homeowners and contractors across the U.S.

WH Services

WH Services provides tree trimming-services as well as lighting maintenance and installation.

WH International Response Center (WHIRC)

The WHIRC provides 24-hour wholesale monitoring services for security dealers in 28 states and three Canadian provinces.

WH Generation

WH Generation provides back-up power solutions that improve electric service reliability for commercial members.

For more information on electric cooperatives...

Check out this interesting video that describes the purpose of electric cooperatives, and how they formed!

WH's Bylaws, updated March 26, 2015 per a vote at WH's annual meeting


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Privacy Policy

Individual privacy is very important. We only collect and use online data needed to offer and fulfill our core business purposes. We are lawful and fair to the individual whose data we collect. This means that we will not disclose information for an unrelated purpose without the consent of the individual or by authority of law.

We use cookies to receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us through your computer or mobile device. This information includes the pages you visit on our site, which web address you came from, the type of browser/device/hardware you are using, etc. This helps us recognize you and customize your website experience. It also helps make our marketing messages more relevant.

When you submit a form on our website – whether to request information, start service, or order a product, we will store the information that you include on your form.

We do advertise our products and services online. We utilize advertising options through, but not limited to, Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook do collect and store some information about their users in order to provide the best user experience. They store that information, and we do not. We use these websites as a vehicle in which to market to our target audience. Facebook and Google collect information as listed in their privacy policies.

We do not trade or sell your personal data to third parties.

For more information about our privacy protection practices, contact info@whe.org.