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Tune up to cool down!

July 9, 2015, Darrell Erickson

Want your air conditioner running at peak performance? Read this blog about AC maintenance, and stay cool this summer.

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Your electric bill is a fountain of knowledge

June 26, 2015, Chrissy Emery

Your electric bill tells you more than just how much your monthly electric costs are. Read this blog to see how it can help save you money.

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Keep your house cool and energy bill low with these summer energy-saving tips

June 19, 2015,

Use these tips to save some extra money this summer.

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Get empowered with outage alerts

June 11, 2015, Jen Virnig

Don't get left in the dark. Find out how outage alerts from WH can keep you informed during a power outage.

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Appliance w(h)att?

April 29, 2015, Josh Randt

Wondering how much energy that old fridge and other household appliances use? Read this blog on appliance wattage, which could help you save on your electric bill.

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Earth Day, the cooperative Way

April 22, 2015, Josh Randt

Wright-Hennepin Electric takes pride in its year-round conservation efforts. Find out steps your cooperative is taking to make our planet a better place.

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The sky's the limit on solar production during summer

April 7, 2015, Josh Randt

The summer months are the best time to generate solar power. Find out why with this blog.

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Protect Your Appliances and set Your Mind at Ease With WH Appliance Repair

March 31, 2015, Chrissy Emery

Never worry about expensive repair bills or calling all over town to find a technician again!

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Hassle-free, community solar offered through WH Solar

March 13, 2015, Steve Nisbet

This blog explores the multiple options for community solar that consumers can take advantage of through WH Solar.

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What is community solar?

March 13, 2015, Josh Randt

Find out just what solar communities are all about, and why they are the perfect renewable energy option.

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Family Fun at Wright-Hennepin's Annual Meeting

March 10, 2015, Jen Virnig

Find out what's in store at Wright-Hennepin's 78th Annual Meeting on March 26!

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Ensuring Your Electric Bill Doesn't Increase While You're Away

February 24, 2015,

Learn how you can avoid unexpected increases in your electric bill, and monitor your daily energy use MyMeter.

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New Year's energy efficiency resolutions for your home

January 13, 2015, Todd Jude

Start off the new year by saving some money on your energy bill with these tips.

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Learn why LED bulbs are a great choice

December 23, 2014, Phil Glawe

Light emitting diode bulbs (LEDs or LED bulbs) are fast replacing incandescent bulbs. There are many reasons for this...

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Holiday energy-saving tips

November 20, 2014, Scott Thompson

Learn how you can reduce your energy use during the holidays.

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Schedule a Pre-Season Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter Arrives

October 7, 2014, Scott Thompson

The heavy cold in Minnesota is still a few months away, but you shouldn’t delay when it comes to making winter preparations for your home. Part of that is to schedule a pre-season furnace tune-up. Your…

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Save on Your Heating Costs With Dual Fuel Options

October 1, 2014, Todd Jude

Learn how you can save this winter with WH's Dual Fuel program!

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What are electric vehicles?

September 16, 2014, Todd Jude

The electric vehicle is showing some real strides in technology and reliability. Learn more!

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Energy Efficient Smartphone Apps

September 1, 2014, Todd Jude

Learn about energy efficient smartphone apps!

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Dual Fuel vs. Pre-paying for propane

August 12, 2014, Phil Glawe

Winter will be here before we know it, and now is the time to think about lowering your heating bills.

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