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Celebrating WH’s lineworkersCelebrating WH’s lineworkers

Celebrating WH’s lineworkers

April 6, 2022, Jeph Novak

April is Lineworker Appreciation Month. Wright-Hennepin’s (WH) lineworkers work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep your lights on and help bring power to the 57,500 accounts in our territory.

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Electricity remains a good valueElectricity remains a good value

Electricity remains a good value

March 2, 2022, Jeph Novak

Electricity remains a good value. Wright-Hennepin (WH) works hard to keep costs low and pass the savings onto you, our member-owners, through low rates, capital credits and Energy-Saving Programs.

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Be safe around electricityBe safe around electricity

Be safe around electricity

February 7, 2022, Jeph Novak

Take some time to remind yourself, your children and your family of these important electrical safety tips.

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Capital credits 101Capital credits 101

Capital credits 101

December 15, 2021, Jeph Novak

What exactly are capital credits? Who gets them, and how are they calculated? These are common questions for new and long-tenured members of Wright-Hennepin (WH), and we are here to answer them!

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Fire safety tips for you and your familyFire safety tips for you and your family

Fire safety tips for you and your family

October 7, 2021, Jeph Novak

October is fire safety month, and Wright-Hennepin (WH) would like to share some safety tips to prevent electrical fires in your home.

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Scam AlertScam Alert

Scam Alert

September 14, 2021, Guest Blogger

Notice: Some WH members have received scam emails requesting immediate payment.

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Utility pole inspections begin in SeptemberUtility pole inspections begin in September

Utility pole inspections begin in September

August 9, 2021, Jeph Novak

Wright-Hennepin (WH) will begin pole inspections in September 2021 and expects to complete the annual inspections in November.

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You have a choice in your source of powerYou have a choice in your source of power

You have a choice in your source of power

July 12, 2021, Jeph Novak

Through WH’s Solar and Renewable Choice programs, WH members can choose where their power is coming from.

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WH Board of Directors appoints John Reynolds as new District 4 directorWH Board of Directors appoints John Reynolds as new District 4 director

WH Board of Directors appoints John Reynolds as new District 4 director

July 7, 2021, Jeph Novak

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association’s (WH) Board of Directors recently appointed John Reynolds of Buffalo as the new director of District 4.

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Be prepared for summer stormsBe prepared for summer storms

Be prepared for summer storms

June 14, 2021, Jeph Novak

Summer is here, and with it comes the threat of severe storms and of course, outages. Now is a great time to remind yourself of what to do before, during and after a storm.

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Recommendation of restated BylawsRecommendation of restated Bylaws

Recommendation of restated Bylaws

March 24, 2021, Guest Blogger

The Board of Directors is proposing revisions to WH's Bylaws.

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Co-ops step up in the coldCo-ops step up in the cold

Co-ops step up in the cold

February 26, 2021, Guest Blogger

As parts of the United States struggled to maintain electric service during a historic cold snap, Minnesota’s cooperatives went to great lengths to ensure their members had the energy they needed.

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Benefits of updating substationsBenefits of updating substations

Benefits of updating substations

February 9, 2021, Jeph Novak

Substations in WH’s territory are frequently being built or improved upon. But what exactly does updating substations entail?

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Transformer inspections beginning in JanuaryTransformer inspections beginning in January

Transformer inspections beginning in January

January 11, 2021, Jeph Novak

Starting in January, WH lineworkers will begin inspecting pad-mount transformers in St. Michael, Otsego, Rogers, Corcoran and Medina. Lineworkers will access and open pad-mounted devices such as transformers, switches, fuse cabinets and transition cabinets.

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Howard Lake substation rebuiltHoward Lake substation rebuilt

Howard Lake substation rebuilt

December 9, 2020, Jeph Novak

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association (WH) held a ribbon cutting ceremony at its Howard Lake substation after a five-month project to rebuild and improve the substation located at the intersection of 70th St. and Keats Ave.

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Our work zone is year roundOur work zone is year round

Our work zone is year round

October 12, 2020, Guest Blogger

As we enter fall, we look forward to the leaves turning and the beautiful landscape as we travel the roads. 

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2020 pole inspections August-October2020 pole inspections August-October

2020 pole inspections August-October

August 14, 2020, Heather Reinhart

Wright-Hennepin (WH) performs pole maintenance every year, which begins with an inspection of all poles within a designated portion of WH’s service territory.

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Safety around downed power linesSafety around downed power lines

Safety around downed power lines

July 17, 2020, Stacie Nielsen

During summer storms, a lot of damage can occur, including power lines being downed. And while the downed lines and poles may look like they are no longer working, don’t be fooled.

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Phone scam alertPhone scam alert

Phone scam alert

July 16, 2020, Guest Blogger

NOTICE: WH has become aware of scammers calling and asking members to make an immediate payment or face disconnection of their electric and gas service. Please be aware – this is NOT Wright-Hennepin.

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WH’s bill pay website has been updatedWH’s bill pay website has been updated

WH’s bill pay website has been updated

July 2, 2020, Stacie Nielsen

If you pay online, you may notice an updated look-and-feel when accessing the payment portal.

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